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Darksiders II Season Pass is a little confusing

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THQ’s Darksiders II will be getting a bunch of DLC. It’ll also be getting a Season Pass – so you’ll be able to get all of the extra content at a discount if you pay for it all beforehand. But here’s where it starts getting confusing. The season pass options change depending on whether you’ve pre-ordered the game and whether you’ve nabbed the collector’s, limited edition, or vanilla version of the game.

Here’s what THQ says:

  • If you pre-order the game, then Argul’s Tomb is free since you’ll automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition. Packs 2 and 3 can then be purchased at a discounted rate through the Season Pass.
  • If you pre-order from ShopTHQ you get packs 1-3 for free (since you get the Limited Edition and the Season Pass).
  • If you don’t pre-order you can buy Argul’s Tomb and the other packs individually, or you can buy Argul’s Tomb and the Season Pass.

Those who do buy the game straight from THQ will also get “the exclusive Maker’s Armor and Scythe sets" for free. There are three versions of the game; a collector’s Edition that includes that very, very cool death mask, Argul’s Tomb DLC and unique weapons and items. the initial run of pre-orders will be automatically upgraded to the Limited Edition, which includes Argul’s Tom as a bonus – while those who pick the game up later will get…well, just the game. And before any of you moan about DLC getting cut before release, developer Vigil has said that “All DLC content packs will ship post launch and are new content not originally intended for the main game.”

What do you think? Cool extras, or are THQ being a bunch of Jerks by announcing stuff that’s now only available through their digital store after many people have already pre-ordered?

Darksiders II will be available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on August 21.

Last Updated: June 22, 2012

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