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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remaster finally launches tomorrow

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Update: According to the German PSN storefront and Charlie Intel, the remastered campaign will indeed drop tomorrow.

Original story follows below:

Dataminers always find a way, don’t they? Just when you think you’ve covered something up nice and deep, they’re knocking down the virtual walls and spreading all those uncovered tidbits of info across the internet. It wouldn’t be the first time Call of Duty has been exposed by the efforts of dataminers, but this might just be the most…exciting leak? Those sneaky miners have reportedly uncovered art that reveals Modern Warfare 2, the beloved 2009 shooter, is having it’s campaign remastered which is a great news for people like me who kind of enjoy how stupidly nonsensical Call of Duty can be with its single-player offerings. Outside of the first Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2 probably had the best campaign in my opinion. Bear in mind, my opinion is often wrong but not this time. Not this time.


Notable Call of Duty leaker Senescallo took to Reddit to share their discovery (Thanks, Eurogamer), revealing a great deal of information gleaned from the latest update to Modern Warfare and Warzone. While a good chunk of the post is dedicated to updates and changes coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone, including the return of two fan favourite maps, Backlot and Village, the most interesting nugget was a screenshot of key art of Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered. According to Senescallo, players will be able to purchase it as a standalone game or access it through Modern Warfare 2019.

Considering that this is Call of Duty, you’ll be able to buy this remaster through a series of packs. If you purchase the Ghost Pack: Oil Rig Bundle for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you’ll receive a copy of MW2 Remastered. If that doesn’t float your boat, purchasing MW 2 Remaster will net you the Underwater Demo Team Classic Ghost Bundle. It’s like someone took the names of Gillette razors and just…made them into a title. Look, there’s a whole lot of cosmetic stuff attached to this remaster (apparently) so if that sort of thing gets your all hot under the collar you’ll no doubt be pleased.

Last Updated: March 30, 2020

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