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David Jaffe’s upset again, but this time it wasn’t us

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We’re no strangers to David Jaffe after being singled out by the man himself a few weeks back for apparently quoting him out of context and while I still think he is one of the great gaming icons I can’t help but be a little worried about how Twisted Metal is turning out.

We didn’t hear much from David for months but at the moment he’s constantly in the news complaining about one thing or another and today he decided to best idea available was to attack some anonymous colleagues on Twitter.

In 4 separate tweets David had the following to say

Managed to avoid the politics of work life for almost 20 years. I just always focused on the work. Not sure if it’s because games are getting so expensive or the economy is so bad that people are more scared- and thus most desperate than ever- to keep their jobs but MAN I’ve never actually noticed the politics and backstabbing and bulls— of certain types before until the last 3 months. I will say this: I don’t f—ing like it and I choose not to play. Live or die by the work only. The rest is just scared people in the wrong line of work

Now we haven’t had any hands on time with Twisted Metal but with this latest explosion and his previous assertion that certain people at Sony don’t get Twisted Metal I am really starting to believe the development may be in a bit of trouble.

But before David loses his head at us again, that’s an opinion based on the very limited information we have available and shouldn’t be taken as fact or insider information.

Time will tell if this feeling is correct or not though, lets hope he can wade through the internal politics and come out holding the prize.

Source: GameInformer

Last Updated: July 1, 2011

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