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Days Gone 2 petition reaches 60,000 signatures demanding a zombie sandbox sequel

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Days Gon…get it?

For a game that arrived in a puff of dead average review smoke and left just as quickly back in 2019, Days Gone sure has been receiving a lot of attention lately. That spotlight revival began with a report that a pitch to develop a sequel to the zombie sandbox for the PS5 was shot down due to the first game’s lackluster reception, several key members of developer Sony Bend saying ‘Bye Felicia” and Days Gone director John Garvin expressing his frustration over the entire project in Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe’s podcast.

“If you love a game, buy it at full ****ing price,” Garvin said in response to players who mentioned waiting for a sale or the inevitable PS Plus drop. Anyway, a Change.org petition that asks for Sony to give its Bend studio a second chance and greenlight Days Gone 2 has managed to amass almost 60,000 signatures at the time of writing.

“There’s millions of people who want Sony PlayStation to approve Days Gone 2,” the petition reads. “They can’t just pull the plug on such a amazing game that ended with a cliff hanger”. While it’s wishful thinking at this point, Days Gone’s original director Jeff Ross thanked the fans who added their name to the list that Sony will probably end up ignoring. This isn’t going to be a Snyder Cut repeat, probably.

“Thanks to everyone for getting the Days Gone petition to 50,000! No matter where this thing ends, I just want you all to know how much your love means to me and members of the team,” Ross tweeted. “Days Gone fans are the best fans!”

For now, the only Days Gone content on the horizon is an upcoming PC port. It’ll be shipping on out on May 18 with a whole host of graphical improvements, just in time for an entire platform of PC players to experience a very alright game. If you do want that Days Gone sequel, maybe now’s the time to put your money where your petition is and buy the game at full ****ing price when it lands on Steam.

Last Updated: April 21, 2021

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