DayZ will only be finished in 2016

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DayZ is a notoriously good idea wrapped in a currently broken, slow moving mess of a game. It’s a bit unfair to expect much more though, since the game is still in some early development stages. The mod turned fully fledged project has been on Early Access for some time now, and it’s going to be an even longer wait until the full final release.

The DayZ development team and Bohemia Interactive have revealed their development road map for 2015, pencilling in some major changes to the game that will be introduced over the next few months. These changes will eventually take the game into a more expansive beta stage, with some substantial content and gameplay mechanics finally making their debut.

Q1 2015

Basic vehicles – Advanced loot distribution – New renderer – New Zombie AI – Basic stealth system (zombies and animals) – Diseases

Q2 2015

Advanced vehicles (repair and modifications) – Advanced animals (life cycle, group behavior) – Player statistics – New UI – Player stamina – Dynamic events

Q3 2015

Traps – Barricading – Character life span + soft skills – Animal predators + birds – Aerial transport – Console prototype

Q4 2015

Animal companions – Steam community integration – Construction (base building) – BETA version, expected price 34,99 EUR / 43,99 USD

Additional weapons, vehicles and crafting items have also been promised for every single monthly update. The roadmap sounds great for anyone who owns the game already, and especially for those who feel that the game has been somewhat stagnant lately. The only real downer is the little bit at the end, which confirms that DayZ will probably only be finished in 2016.

As well as the roadmap, we are thrilled to announce that the first half of 2016 will see our final release version and release from Steam Early Access, with our final price point of 39.99 EUR / 49.99 USD.

That’s an incredibly long way off, and it makes me think that DayZ jumped the gun a little on their Early Access program to secure players before the fad had dried up. I suspect that might happen anyway with the full release being so far off, with only the most diehard fans sticking around afterwards. Will you be one of those players?

Last Updated: November 27, 2014

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