Dead Island: Epidemic rises for Steam Early Access

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Dead Island E (1)

When it comes to MOBA games, I genuinely don’t understand the appeal. With games such as LoL and DOTA 2 killing it in the market and inspiring too many damn clones, the only thing that grabs my attention are the ludicrous cash prizes for tournaments. Pity that I have zero talent for these titles. And now, I’m going to have even less grey matter when this “ZOMBA” hits the market.

Yes, you heard me, a ZOMBA (Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena) and not a flavour of the month exercise system. The game hits Steam Early Access soon, and it’ll set you back $16.99.

To start with anyway. Here’s a  list of the various versions available, via AGB:

Patient Zero Pack ($16.99)

Dead Island E (2)

The entry pack offers 5 unique weapons, 3additional characters, the “Golden Sprocket Hammer” as well as boosters, character & gear points and in-game cash.

Deadicated Pack ($39.99)

Dead Island E (3)

The “Deadicated Pack” includes all of the“Patient Zero Pack” plus additional content: six Tier 2 weapons, the “Golden Precise Shotgun”, the “Keghammer”, a larger booster and bundle of character & gear points and in-game cash plus exclusive access to Sam B as playable character. Additionally, players will also receive even more items & characters once the game heads into Open Beta and then again at the launch phase.

Contagion Pack ($44.99)

Dead Island E (4)

With the “Contagion Pack”, players can spread the Epidemic to their friends. It offers everything that is in the “Deadicated Pack” (with an alternate “Contagious” in-game title & icon) four times: once for the player and three gift copies that they can share with their friends.

Dead Island E (5)Dead Island E (6)Dead Island E (7)Dead Island E (8)Dead Island E (9)Dead Island E (10)Dead Island E (11)Dead Island E (12)Dead Island E (13)

Still, if you’re keen to offend some undead fellows with discriminating physical violence, the game will also be available as a Free-To-Play title on proper release. Purchasing one of the packs above, gets you Early Access and a jump on the competition.

Last Updated: May 21, 2014

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