Dead or Alive 5 gets motion-controlled boob jiggling

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Remember how Team Ninja’s Dead Or Alive 5 was supposed to be a more mature take on the fighting franchise, by ditching the overtly sexualised women for something more realistic. Of course, fans (read: 12 year old boys) weren’t happy and Team ninja reneged on that; but a new patch for the PS3 version makes it even worse – by adding Team Ninja’s patented motion-controlled breast jiggling physics.

Thanks to patch 1.03A, gamers (read: 12 year old boys) can now jiggle the female fighters’ breasts just by moving the Sixaxis controller in a motion that comes naturally to most 12 year old boys.

According to Game director Yohei Shimbori there’s "still room for having sexualised aspects…If you have a solid fighting game system there, there’s nothing wrong with having beautiful characters as a layer on top of that – that’s another layer of entertainment that there’s a need for. If there wasn’t a need for it, people wouldn’t have responded to the alpha demo like they did, and send us feedback."

Of course, it’s not the first time Team Ninja’s thrown the feature in to a game for no good reason whatsoever.

Here it is in action. Enjoy

Last Updated: February 14, 2013

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