Dead Rising 3 gameplay vid shows zombie mayhem

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As I’ve stated numerous times, the one game that’s getting me all giddy for the Xbox One is Capcom’s Dead Rising 3. Yes, the “kill all the zombies” genre has been done to death, but as one of the first new franchises I played on the Xbox 360. The ridiculous, over the top silliness jus resonated in me. Thankfully, that silliness is back in a big way in Xbox One Dead Rising 3 – even though it has a more serious veneer.

Here’s two entire minutes of the the zombie-killing mayhem. I got to go hands on with this sucker at Gamescom – and it’s a mental ride, certainly living up to the Dead Rising name. what do you think? does this look next-gen enough for you? Would you prefer your zombie killing to look a little more like the very sexy Dying Light, or are you completely over the undead?

Last Updated: September 3, 2013

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