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Dead Space 2 Freakout

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We all love a freakout, especially when we can relate to said freakout. I caught this clip on the YouTubes and had to share it with you guys as it is very close to my first experience with the survival horror third-person shooter. This is some funny stuff. Hit the jump for a laugh.

The translation, thanks to some anonymous individual goes something like this:

0:26 – oh boy, oh boy, the monster’s coming… the monster’s coming, dude
0:42 – reload, you son of a bitch
0:51 – reload
0:55 – (white t-shirt guy says “press R”, “you guys filming this, dude?”)
0:58 – how do you crouch, dude? the monster’s coming
1:00 – (t-shirt guy says “don’t crouch, just run, dude”)
1:06 – the monster ran away… it’s coming, dude
1:30 – it killed me, dude, ripped my head off
1:37 – you have to get revenge, cousin
1:42 – *you* get revenge for me

Last Updated: May 25, 2011

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