Dead Space destroys Silent Hill

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Taking a look at the Metacritic scores for the two big survival horror releases this quarter, it is undoubtedly obvious that the Silent Hill franchise is in a spot of trouble.

While hardcore fans of the series still linger on the good old days of Silent Hill 2, they are now left with very little to quench their thirst for another Silent Hill title that could match its quality.

Enter Dead Space.

While I have personally only seen small amounts of footage from this game and pretty much know very little about its story and gameplay mechanics, it is fantastic to see that there is a new cowboy in town that is willing to take on the the big boys at their own game. A quick glance at the scores on Metacritic reveal that Dead Space has raked in a current average of 88/100, while the new Silent Hill title, Homecoming, has only mustered up a measly, yet relatively decent 73/100.

Has the Silent Hill franchise seen its glory days come and go already? With strong titles like Dead Space joining the fray and the remarkable looking Resident Evil 5 coming next year, one must wonder if Silent Hill will ever be able to pull itself back out of the deep hole that it has been digging for quite some time now.

Could Homecoming be the last Silent Hill title that we will ever see?

Last Updated: October 14, 2008

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