Dead Space looking better on the PS3?

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Now I know that a lot of you are sick and tired of the whole video comparison story but as you may know, we have reported on this topic quite a lot in the past.

We cannot embed this video, so you will need to watch it by clicking here.

The Eurogamer comparison tests have resulted in the Xbox 360 coming out on top in almost every comparison so far but I think that things may be different this time around. A comparison video has been put up on, showing the differences between the Xbox 360 and PS3 version and I personally feel that the PS3 one is definitely the better looking of the two.

While clarity, textures and framerate seemed identical it looks a little washed on the Xbox 360 and whether or not this is due to the comparison setup is a mystery for now. If this video accurate however, the PS3 is the winner in my opinion.

Am I going blind or do you think I am right? Leave your comments below.

I usually wouldn’t mind washed out looks but with a game that falls so heavily onto it’s atmosphere, the more contrasted look of the PS3 version will definitely do much better to make me wet my pants.

Last Updated: October 16, 2008

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