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In Destiny 2, the Red Legion are the “special forces” of the Cabal

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You’ve got a shiny new hand cannon, possibly too much ammo and a burning desire to spend some of those Solar rounds before they burn a hole in your pocket. What’s a Guardian to do? Why, introduce your calibre of personality at high velocity into the nearest unlucky alien receptacle, that’s what! After three years, Destiny has plenty of enemies just waiting to be filled with your hot lead still.

From the Fallen and those bastard captains with the Scorch cannons through to the Vex and those f***ing Vex Hobgoblins who love to pop a shield when the going gets tough, there’s no shortage of moving targets in the solar system. What there is in Destiny 2 however, is a new player in town: The Red Legion. Much like the Cabal on Mars and Phobos, these guys are massive walking tanks who require plenty of ammo to take down.

On the surface, the Red Legion are typical Cabal shock ‘n awe troops. Dig a little deeper however, and you’ll find that these “special forces” have a few new tricks and units up their massive sleeves, as they’re more than prepared for your usual techniques. “The Red Legion are, they’re like the Navy SEALs, the special elite forces of the Cabal Empire,” Destiny 2 project lead Mark Noseworthy explained to me.

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Red Legion are special forces

They’re led by Dominus Ghaul and they’ve introduced a bunch of a brand new units and changed up the way other units work. We have the War-Beasts now, they’re like dogs who maul you. You’ve got the Gladiators with the two blades, really beefy melee characters. If they get close-range with you, they’re going to kill you.

And then the Incendiaries, who have those flame-jets and they’re firing a flamethrower at you. But they have that tank on their back and if you can get a really good shot? Boom, you can rupture the tank and get a really big area of effect explosion. Those are the Red Legion. Red Legion are special forces.

Case in point: The new Phalanxes. The method for dealing with those shield-wielding buggers in Destiny was simple enough: Pop ‘em in the foot, empty a clip into their center mass once they began staggering around. These new Phalanxes however? Try that nonsense out and they’ll slam their shield down and activate an energy burst that protects their troops while allowing them to fire back at you. “Their shield now has a weak spot in it, and if you don’t get to the weak spot they then expand the shield and provide a bunch of cover for the units behind them,” Noseworthy explained.

In combat, the Red Legion are deadliest when they’re attacking you with a varied strike-team. A combination of savvy shield-bearers, melee butchers and those damn war beasts will send you packing if you aren’t prepared. Which you have ample time to do so, when Destiny 2 arrives in September.

Last Updated: May 24, 2017

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  1. Gavin Mannion

    May 24, 2017 at 12:44

    one of the most entertaining things to do in Destiny was to pop a bullet into those canisters on their backs and watch them explode…

    Destiny 2 can’t come soon enough, I hate to say it but I’m tiring of Overwatch and need to get my Strike action on


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