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Destiny 2 will be available on next gen consoles

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I mean, it was expected, right? Can you imagine the uproar that would have unfolded if Bungie had announced Destiny 3 or something and forced all those dedicated Guardians they’ve taken in over the years to buy another game? Fans were already pretty irked by having to separately purchase Destiny 2, so clearly that wasn’t territory they particularly wanted to venture in. Essentially confirming what everyone expected, Destiny 2 has been confirmed to be making the jump to the next generation of consoles, the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. Obviously it’ll also continue on PC but no word yet on whether it’ll be ported to PC2.

While Bungie did confirm the port in a very brief tweet last night, the lack of information has obviously raised quite a few questions from players. Will Destiny 2 be playable across generations? Can players on older hardware still play with friends on the new consoles? Will the ability to migrate characters be accessible at launch or will we have to wait for that feature? We can obviously expect answers to these questions fairly soon as Bungie did state that there were “more details to come”. When that may be is a mystery but as hype for the next generation of consoles continues to build, one has to imagine it’ll be soon…ish.

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Of course, it probably won’t just be Destiny 2 making the cross generation leap. The “games as service” model now faces a crossroads where they’ll be forced to expand to a whole new generation of consoles while still maintaining the player base established on current hardware. Games like The Division 2, Apex: Legends, PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds and Fortnite will need to spread their capacity even further to accommodate the looming update on everyone’s mind. It’ll be a weird time for all of those games and I’m interested to see how well they accommodated.

Last Updated: May 8, 2020

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