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Destiny Collector's Editions are cooler than you thought

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When Bungie revealed the Destiny Collector’s Editions yesterday, they sounded pretty cool. However, with this video showing them off, everyone is going to feel like they need it. Particularly that Limited Edition – the combination of steel book and leather book would make me feel like I was unearthing some strange artifact from the game. Why do I fall for these things every time?

There’s an armament book that I would normally overlook, but it has handwritten notes with secrets and riddles. And just like that, they reel me back in to examining every detail. While the talking Ghost and extra cosmetic in-game items look pretty cool as well, I’m actually more impressed with that embossed folio. Sure, we all want Peter Dinklage to guide us through our lives, but I think the Guardian Folio looks beautiful and I love that they’re considering the tactile experience as well with the steel and leather. It all feels really well thought out – but I guess a $500 million investment will get you some serious thinking.

Are you won over by these Collector’s Editions? Will you be going whole hog with the Ghost edition so that you can get the special in-game badge that will set you apart from all the other players? Will you be drooling over that folio now that it sounds way cooler than it did in text form, or does it all seem like more junk to clutter the house? Also, I’m still confused about the expansion packs – it worries me that games plan expansions so well when core games aren’t even launched yet. But, I suppose that is the future.

Last Updated: July 9, 2014

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