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Destiny: Rise of Iron – Wrath of the Machine boss guide

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Wrath (3)

Raids. In Destiny, they’re the sum of all fears minus Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman. Destiny raids are where the big boys come to play, massive multi-tiered events that require proper teamwork, communication and the right equipment to survive being on the wrong side of a Guardian extinction wave. Rise of Iron marks the fourth such Raid for Destiny, a Fallen-centric challenge that’ll push you and your team to the limit.

If you can survive the bosses that is. Here’s a rundown of the very unfriendly faces that’ll be out for your blood.

Siege Engine

Wrath (4)

Clearly, the Fallen unearthed not only SIVA but Blu-Rays of Mad Max: Fury Road when they built their mighty Siege Engine. Just like Vosik, the Siege Engine fight is a battle of two phases. Let’s break down part one of this battle. You’re going to need to focus fire on on the left and right turrets on the Siege Engine, which when damaged will cause the core of the engine to expose itself.

Lay down some more damage on that, and you’ll be able to hop onto the vehicle and fight an army of Fallen. Stormcalles, you know what to do. With the Siege Engine boarded, you’ll be able to ride it as it demolishes a wall, ending the first encounter.

Siege Engine the returnining

With the Siege Engine now having stopped, it’s time for a restart before the shoddy vehicle explodes and takes you all with it. Three parts are needed for this part of the mission, and you’ll only be able to carry them for 10 seconds before an “exhausted” debuff is applied to your Guardian. You’ll need three teams of two to relay the parts to the Siege Engine and keep an eye out for mines as well. Might want to designate a team member to defuse those annoying obstacles.

When you’ve almost reached the Siege Engine with the parts, Meksis will appear to retract the ramps leading up to the engine. Drop the parts, focus fire and annihilate Meksis as quickly as possible so that your team can resume their task as Guardians cannot jump while carrying Siege Engine parts. The parts will also need to be placed in the correct slots: Drive Shaft in the front right, Warhead on the right walkway and the Engine Block in the back left part of the Siege Engine.

With that task done, you can ride the Siege Engine to the next part of the raid. Phew!

Archpriest Vosik

Wrath (1)

This Fallen fella is a bit of a bastard to deal with, as he pops up twice in Wrath of The Machine. Encounter the first will feature Vosik teleporting around the room and dropping some big damage, but the trick here is that players will need to focus fire on the three generators in the foundry. Charging the generators will knock Vosik’s shields down, leaving him open to a barrage of sniper fire and Gjallarhorn blasts.

Charging those generators isn;t exactly easy however. You’ll need a voltage buff on you, and you’ll only have 15 seconds between to get to the next beacon or risk wiping out. To make matters more complicated, Voltage Eater Shanks will drop the accumulated charge in those generators, so don;t forget to keep an eye out for them. Lastly, you’ll need to charge each generator four times to complete the central pillar so that more SIVA charges can be produced to lob at Vosik.

Grab ‘em, toss ‘em and take cover. When Vosik’s health reaches a low enough threshold, he’ll retreat and end the first phase of this encounter.

Phase Deux

Wrath (6)

The return of Vosik doesn’t sound too complicated. You’ll still be firing away and throwing SIVA charges at him as you knock several pegs off of his mighty shield and seemingly infinite health bar. Thing is, Vosik came prepared for this rematch and now packs an instant-delete skill that’ll wipe your entire team out if you aren’t ready.

What you’ll need to do this time is head towards one of five clean rooms in the chamber which you’ll spot by the glowing orange door attached to it. Shoot at the control panel and if you’re a proper jerk you can do so before a straggler enters and pretend that you’re in a Destiny version of The Rock. Now here’s where the encounter gets extra tricky: Each Clean Room can only be used once, before your time earns an unstoppable wipe.

You’ll need to do the most damage possible to Vosik’s shields, by coordinating a barrage of SIVA charges simultaneously if possible. Three SIVA barrages of three SIVA charges are needed to take out Vosik’s shields entirely, before you can do some proper damage with Heavies and supers. Keep up the pressure and Vosik will soon wish that he’d never gotten out of bed that morning.

Aksis the Archon Prime

Wrath (5)

And now for the final boss! Like a baws. The final two-phase boss requires players to work as a team once again. Tag-teams that can focus on SIVA charges and cannons are essential here once the battle begins as the chamber fills with enemies. Cannon Captains will make life hell for fireteams, dropping elemental cannons in a random order.

At the point after the death of a Cannon Captain, three Servitors will spawn to harass you. Match cannons with their shields and teach them a lesson with a fully-charged blast that’ll take them out easily. Remember, the Servitor needs to be vanquished before it reaches a home plate or your team will wipe out. Dead Servitors will also drop SIVA charges that your team can pick up, although remember that anyone with a cannon can’t grab the stuff.

With the SIVA charges collected, they’ll need to be thrown at the red SIVA containment cores around the middle section, destroying two nodes in the first phases and three in the second. With all SIVA nods destroyed, players can prepare for the challenge to recycle itself. Part three of the first phase will have seven SIVA nodes, so get ready to tangle with more Servitors before you begin phase two.

Aksis the Archon Prime Phase the sequel

Wrath (2)

Much like phase one, you’ll need to focus on the pattern if taking out Cannon Captains and Servitors so that Aksis can be hurt with SIVA charges. Aksis isn’t a pushover however, and he’ll pepper your team with attacks and DOT area attacks. Aksis also teleports around players, instantly killing any Guardians who he lands on.

You’ll also find that three random guardians have been randomly empowered with a buff that will require all three of them to occupy specific zones or risk being wiped out. Complete the Cannon Captain and Servitor patter, drop Aksis’s shields with SIVA charges and when he teleports to a zone, the Guardian there can stun-slam him, mount him and have his critical hit zone exposed and holy crap that is a rather dirty sentence. Each empowered Guardian will need to perform a stun-slam, totalling three times per round.

Aksis will attempt to wipe your entire team when his shields return, so retreat to one of the four pillars at the back of the arena. Each pillar can only be used once, so everyone needs to get to that one safe zone and take a quick breather. You’ll have five rounds within which to finish Aksis off, but it’ll be worth it for the bragging rights alone.

Last Updated: September 26, 2016

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