Destiny: Rise of Iron has an amazingly complex secret Exotic quest

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Outbreak Prime (3)

Exotic guns may be the best guns you’ll find in Destiny, but they’re not all designed to be equal in terms of stopping power. Some of them you’ll find out in the wild, others from long quests where you earn them, such as the magnificently redesigned Khvostov. And then there’s the exotic pulse rifle Outbreak Prime.

If a Decepticon was equipped with reproductive organs, it’d look similar to this ribbed beast. It’s one of the many new secrets hidden in Destiny: Rise of Iron, and getting your hands on it is an incredibly complex task. The quest for Outbreak Prime began earlier this week when players discovered a new ARG that was tied to the Friday release of the Wrath of the Machine raid.

Taking things a step further, YouTuber Datto put together a video outlining the process. Seriously, give it a watch:

If you can’t see the video above above, here’s a breakdown of the process needed to unlock it, which I copied below from a reddit thread via Kotaku:

  1. Get into the raid
  2. Activate all prior monitors. Use this thread for info on getting the other monitors.
  3. In the Diamond Room 4 people need to stand on these 4 canisters. Stepping order in this step doesn’t matter.
  4. In the Server Room (With the Vandals and Shanks) 2 people need to stand on the two platforms on the left and right sides by the 2 monitors (Left and Right side determined as you enter the room). Once everyone is in place the 2 people in the server room will see an ‘activate monitor’ prompt.
  5. The 4 people in the Diamond need to get back on the Bridge and off the canisters.
  6. To start the sequence:
    • Only 1 person needs to press ‘activate monitor’.
    • Each monitor will then flash to a number. This can be 0000 like the starting sequence or a different number.
    • Note: Row and Columns start at 0 meaning the ‘first’ one
    • Left monitor is the column
    • Right monitor is the row
    • Convert these numbers to decimal with this site. For example, if the number shown on the monitor is 0101 then type that in exactly and hit convert. Your result would be 5.
    • The first person in section 00 then steps on his canister using the prior 2 numbers for the Row and Column (Picture it as a map with grids. Column N, Row Y). After he steps on the canister will light up from below. A new number will show on the screen for both people. Convert these numbers. The person in section 01 needs to step on their canister. Keep doing this for all 4 people. Once complete the Diamond will open.
  7. Complete the raid and beat Aksis.
  8. Go to the hidden chest room on the back side of the map. A platform will open to get to it. Activate the last monitor and open the chest. Get the quest.
  9. Complete this calculator for how to solve this sequence.
  10. Collect the

    Madness. Pure undiluted madness. So is Outbreak Prime any good then? Depends on your tastes. Pulse Rifles aren’t everyone’s favourite weapon type (I find them superb to be honest, Bad Juju for life), but Outbreak Prime does have some nifty perks. Besides the staggering 390 attack range, it can tear Fallen to shreds with a selection of abilities that includes:

    • The Corruption Spreads – Enemies that take repeated hits from this weapon spawn SIVA nanites that attack other enemies. Fallen take extra damage
    • Outlaw – Precision kills with this weapon dramatically increase reload speed
    • Virulence – Precision kills release a SIVA nanite swarm that attacks other enemies

    Outstanding stuff. I’m already giving up on ever getting my hands on it, not because the steps to acquire it are long, but because even my mighty Guardian who has slain the likes of Crota and Skolas is no match for the dreaded power of pure maths.

    Last Updated: September 29, 2016

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