Destiny’s loot system a little less broken now

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I have to admit, I’m still enjoying a few minutes of Destiny every now and then when I get the chance. That’s probably because I have yet to reach the level cap and be forced to deal with the game’s annoying loot drops. Now I won’t have to either, with Bungie making Destiny’s loot system a little more fair.

The patch that high level Destiny players have been waiting for finally dropped yesterday. The new patch addresses weeks worth of loot issues, especially when it comes to that troll of a Cryptarch. Probably the most hated NPC in the Tower, the Cryptarch has had a forcible change of heart, dishing out loot a little more evenly.

With the new patch, Rare and Legendary engrams will never decrypt into an item that is of a lesser rarity. On top of that, Rare engrams have had their Legendary drop rate increased, making higher level progressions far less frustrating. Or, at least, in principle it does. The engrams still aren’t locked to your specific class, although I do think there should be some level of luck in the equation.

In addition to fixing the Cryptarch, Destiny will now also reward daily players handsomely. Rare and Legendary items can now be awarded for the completion of Daily and Weekly Heroic Missions, as well as the Vanguard: Tiger Strike playlist. It gives players more of a reason to log on for an hour or two each day, which works in the game’s favour.

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I’m still crawling up to level 20, so I can’t say for sure whether these changes will have the impact players are hoping for. But it is good to see Bungie taking criticism to heart and fixing things rather quickly. I just wonder whether any of these changes will keep people playing for the rest of the year.

Last Updated: October 2, 2014

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