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Developer likens Dead Island to Sushi

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Dead Island, the game that captured the world’s imagination with that breathtaking trailer. that cinematic was universally lauded – but the game itself was a love it or hate it affair.

The game’s developer, Techland realises this – and likens the game to that artful, elegant Japanese cuisine (that’s now mostly made by under-trained Chinese people), sushi.

“Do you like sushi? And are you right or wrong?” Techland’s International Brand Manager Blazej Krakowiak asked Eurogamer.“Games are entertainment, it’s really down to whether someone likes them or not.”

Krakowiak doesn’t mind that Dead Island got a mixed critical reception.

“I will never resent a reviewer for not liking a feature or an idea in our game,” he said. “What I feel very strongly about is giving games a fair chance: playing long enough to get a good feel of what it’s about, getting the facts right, writing from experience.”, adding that “When a game divides people, it means that it has a lot of character, that it isn’t bland or easy to overlook.”

“It’s a calculated risk whenever you try something new.”

Now, because at this point nobody really cares about Dead Island or Techland (at least, until it gets a sequel) let me ask you a more pertinent question: Do YOU like sushi?

Last Updated: May 22, 2012

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