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Diablo 3 Console Port

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After a job posting was spotted on Blizzard’s official site, looking for a Lead Programmer and Lead Designer for “Diablo 3” on Console, fans have been flooding forums with both scepticism and optimism.

Blizzard lead content designer Kevin Martens recently spoke with Atomic Gamer and confirmed that the company is open to the possibility.

“Everybody had a PC, even if they just use it for nothing but e-mail and web surfing,” said Martens. “Almost everyone has one, so we do have a pretty giant install base. That said, gaming systems like Xbox and PS3 and so on… Diablo is one of the more natural hits for a Blizzard title to go on those, so I think that’s why we are looking at it pretty seriously.”

“We’re looking for console people right now to see if that’s feasible, but we just want to make the best Diablo PC game right now,” commented Martens.

This seems to confirm the rumours, and would certainly be a big step for Blizzard. For the rest of the interview hit the source link below.

Source: Atomic Gamer

Last Updated: April 19, 2011

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