Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And where’ there’s a PC Gamer, there’s some data-mining to do. Diablo III has an expansion on the way, and one eager gamer has managed to mine a ton of information out of it. Spoilers after the jump.

According to the anxious gamers on the DiabloFans website, this is just a taste of what you can expect to find in the expansion:

  • A seasonal ladder system
  • Clan/Guild system
  • An Adventure Mode which is separate from the main campaign and includes Devil’s Hand, Bounties and Loot Run missions
  • Gheed’s Machine. Looks  like the crafty trader is returning
  • A hundred side quests spread across all the new acts
  • Nephalem Trials – A series of challenges that can unlock rewards

And here’s a look at some of the creatures and bosses in the expansion that’ll be looking to turn your skull into a portable sex toy:

Diablo 3 (9)Diablo 3 (10)Diablo 3 (11)Diablo 3 (1)Diablo 3 (2)Diablo 3 (3)Diablo 3 (4)Diablo 3 (5)Diablo 3 (6)Diablo 3 (7)Diablo 3 (8)Diablo

The new Crusader class also got his chance in the spotlight. Here’s a list of his abilities that got detailed on DiabloFans:

Heavenly Strength – You can wield a 2-handed weapon in your main hand while holding a Shield in your offhand. / Your maximum movement speed is reduced by 10%.
“I want both.”

Vigilant – Increase Life regeneration by 413. / Increase total Life regeneration by 3%. / Reduce all non-Physical damage taken by 2%.
“Constant vigilance!”

Wrathful – Gain 5% Wrath regeneration for 3 seconds when you block.

Holy Cause – Increase the amount of Holy damage on your weapon by 10%. / The proc effect of Holy weapons is increased by 10%.
“Let Heaven’s might be unleashed upon the wicked.”

Sweep Attack – Cost: 25 Wrath / Sweep a mystical flail in a wide arc through enemies 20 yards before you, dealing 230% weapon damage to all enemies caught in the arc.

  • Magnetic Arc – Enemies hit by the attack will also catch on fire for 50% weapon damage over 5 seconds.
  • Holy Shock – Enemies hit by the sweep attack have a 20% chance to be tripped, stunning them for 5 seconds.

Laws of Justice – Cooldown: 30 seconds / Active: Recite a Law, granting you and your allies 900 All Resistances for 5 seconds. / Passive: Whenever you block, there is a chance you and your allies resistances will increase by 300 for 5 seconds.

  • This rune is not yet implemented.
  • This rune is not yet implemented.
  • This rune is not yet implemented.

Steed Charge – Cooldown: 15 seconds / You are picked up by magical steed, allowing you to ride through enemies without being noticed or blocked for 3 seconds.

  • This rune is not yet implemented.
  • This rune is not yet implemented.
  • This rune is not yet implemented.

Bombardment – Cooldown: 60 seconds / Call in an assault from afar, raining balls of burning pitch and stone onto enemies around you, dealing 400% weapon damage. The bombardment continues on randomly targeted monsters nearby for the next -22 seconds.

  • Tar Pit – Instead of hurling burning balls of pitch, the carcasses of dead and diseased animals (cows) are thrown. When they land, their poisoned parts are scattered across the battlefield, leaving the area poisoned for a 5 seconds doing 250% weapon damage per second.
  • Mine Field – A timed bomb is thrown on the battlefield which will explode after 5 seconds dealing 250% weapon damage in a holy cross formation.

Laws of Hope – Cooldown: 30 seconds / Active: Recite a Law, increasing resource regeneration for you and your allies by 20% for 5 seconds. / Passive: Whenever you pick up a health globe, you and your allies’ resource regeneration rate will be increased by 10% for 5 seconds.

  • This rune is not yet implemented.
  • This rune is not yet implemented.
  • This rune is not yet implemented.

Bird of Prey – Cost: 25 Wrath / Active: Order the Gyrfalcon to enrage, increasing the damage it deals for a short time. / Passive: Summon a Mystical Gyrfalcon to fight by your side.

  • Flock / Active: The Gyrfalcon and his flock swarm the targeted location, dealing 20% weapon damage to all enemies within 15 yards.
  • Boon
  • Staggering Cry / Active: The Gyrfalcon emits a piercing shriek, stunning all enemies between it and the targeted location for 3 seconds.
  • This rune is not yet implemented.

There’s a ton more information if you go through that link, that details gameplay balances and whatnot. The expansion will be out next year some time, while the original game has just hit Xbox 360. And apparently, it’s rather good.

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Last Updated: September 13, 2013

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