Diablo III: Reaper of Souls revealed

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People may have had one or two things to say about Diablo III last year COUGH “Error 37” COUGH, but you’ve got to give Blizzard credit for creating a game that still has people playing. Or will at least draw more folks back, as Diablo III is getting an expansion pack.

Reaper of Souls doesn’t just bring new quests and tweaks to the game. It brings a new class to Diablo III, the Crusader. Described as a mid-range melee fighter, the Crusader can wield flails and shields to devastating effect.

diablo III

And if he sounds like the kind of character that was inspired by the Paladin from Diablo II, then guess what? You’re 100% correct. Other new features include the level cap being increased to 70, which opens up new runes and skills for all classes.

In town, you’ll be able to roll back stats on rare and legendary items thanks to the Mystic, who can also transmogrify items for you. The Paragon system is also getting retooled, and will no longer cap any of your characters.

As for the expansion, it’s an Act V haunt that will have players up against the might of the angel of death Malthael and monsters such as the Seraph and the summoner of Death. Another new feature will be loot runs, which will have players venturing into random dungeons to face a random monster.

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Blizzard reckons that this should last around 15-20 minutes, so it’ll be a decent lunchtime distraction. Reaper of Souls is looking like a darker piece of Diablo III so far, something that should please the fans who have bemoaned the bright World of Warcraft state of the game for months now.

Last Updated: August 22, 2013

  • Kromas

    Still no lan play for PC I assume.

    • John drinks Nuka Cola

      Still one the reasons why I haven’t bought it yet.

      • Kromas

        Big fan of the series. Bought a collectors edition played the game through once. I have tried with every “revolutionary patch that fixes everything” to get back into it but so far I have given up on Blizzard. At least Starcraft is still awesome.

        • Spathi

          The game only becomes good on the higher difficulty levels. The first two playthroughs are quite boring, and playing alone is also not that exciting. But playing co-op inferno is really really awesome!

          I haven’t touched it in more than 10 months though. Will get the expansion for sure.

          • Kromas

            Oh I shall get the expansion no doubt. I have a bit of OCD when I comes to games I own and expanded universes. But owning it and playing it is not exactly the same in my books.

          • Johan du Preez

            I call bullshit the higher level gameplay is just more annoying and believe me I tried. The game is shit and boring full stop.

            Lvl 60 Witch Doctor with Level 41 paragon.

          • Spathi

            Yeah you’re right. What would I know about my own experiences.

        • Melasco

          Make no mistake, I enjoyed the first playthrough, but after that I had to force myself to keep playing until I just lost interest halfway through inferno… Something is missing, not sure what. I played Diablo 2 for hundreds apon hundreds of hours…

          Dark Souls on the other hand… I still play that, and love every second.

          • Kromas

            Some games just have that effect … mass effect 😛

            See what I did there 😛

          • John drinks Nuka Cola

            And some games are a lot of rinse and repeat

          • Melasco

            Finished my….. I dunno, lost count…. Anyways, I finished another full trilogy playthrough 2 weeks ago… I have such high hopes for the next game… I know I shoudn’t to avoid dissapointment, but I really do..
            They should remake the trilogy in 1080p60 for PS4, I’ll buy it like yesterday.

          • Kromas

            My Mass Effect:EA says we can’t call it 4 excitement bar depends on the success of DA:I. But I think it will rock and a new era for RPG’s will open up and Mass Effect:not 4 will be better for it!

    • Wyzak

      Dealbreaker for me too, I won’t even look at this until I read that they’ve added offline play and LAN.

      • Kromas

        Never really is a deal breaker for me. I live in an online world and (here it comes) things like the original Xbox one always online requirements don’t really phase me at all. What it does however do is drop my playtime with friends considerably due to the fact that they do not have frighteningly expensive internet connections (and no adsl due to theft) to be able to handle this. Playing Diablo alone after the first play through is just sad. Then again … Hooray for Torchlight 2.

  • Macethy

    Awesome can’t wait!

  • Craig Boonzaier

    I guess I need to go ahead an level my paragon.
    All those extra points will come in handy.

  • Melasco

    Comming to a PC near you in 2025…

  • John drinks Nuka Cola

    I miss Diablo II. Graphics can’t make up with III’s shortcomings.

    • John drinks Nuka Cola

      A downvote…Wait, let me downvote myself too. Since I can’t figure what that one was for anyway.

      • Kromas

        Must have been a CoD player 😛

    • CrasH

      I wish Diablo II was digitally remastered using the entire team that made Diablo 3 so it would be at the same gfx standard and that Diablo 3 was never made…

      The game was 100% designed for console. I mean, Tourchlight 2 gameplay runs circles around 3.
      And before anyone says cause i don’t know how to play, Idid finish D3 on inferno, but was more of a tick box check then the feeling of acctually accomplision anything.

      • Weerwolf

        Yeah, those Power Ranger villains were pathetic. In D2 you never knew what the bosses looked like until you actually faced them. You just heard these stories. You were sort of insignificant to them, and they didn’t care about you until you slaughtered them. In D3 the bosses are pathetic. They keep talking to you through the game, telling you you don’t stand a chance and laying out their plans so that you can’t just go and counter them. The Lord of Hatred is not suppose to even acknowledge one human with a sword. Ridiculous.

        • AlbinAberg

          Many of the higher demons are cunning and yadayada yada yada blah

          My point is I’m right and you are wrong.

      • Johan du Preez

        Blizzard closed down Blizzard north who created all the best games at Blizzard, they moved everything to Blizzard South that only worked on WoW before ….

        Pretty easy to see where everything went wrong.

    • CrasH

      And secondly, Diablo 3 story was flat, all i can remeber it was a crystal and Diablo was spawned from a chick hince he was a she… And diablo 2 i recall every cinimatic, the wanderer… AAAAAAHHHHH still angry with blizzard for the @#[email protected]#[email protected]# that is D3

  • HighlanderZA

    Myself and our whole starcraft clan decider that we will get this . Graphics looks awesome

  • Admiral Chief Raider of Tombs

    Crusader, cool

  • Lardus-Respect the beard

    Just yesterday I said I will not buy another Blizzard game, then they come out with this BS. Come on man, give me a break you a-holes! This looks good and will test my resolve 🙁

    • John drinks Nuka Cola

      Be strong Beardman

      • Lardus-Respect the beard

        But wait! I said “Blizzard game” – this is a “Blizzard Expansion”! I am free to do as I please at the time of release!

        • John drinks Nuka Cola

          Your logic was never questionable

    • CrasH

      But this one is easy… they sold everyone a polished turd and now your actually considering buying the turd buffing machine?

      • Lardus-Respect the beard

        Yes, unfortunately I am. I am hoping without Jay “asshole incarnate” Wilson the game will return to what made D2 so great, or at least fix some of the total crap they dished up.

        • CrasH

          D3 lacks the “Build it your own way” when your limited to 4 spells at a time that you cannot add points into or even our own stats…

          Van Helsink Skill tree actually was better, just needed 2 more spells and would walk cirlces around D3, but overall “Van” was even a better game to me than D3.

  • Darth fancy pants

    Im stoked with torchlight II, now that is an epic dungeon crawler. I loved diablo 2 and sunk way too many hours into it but I honestly wouldnt pay wit hmy own money for a game that is only fun if in multiplayer and you have to be online constantly.

    Suck it Blizzard….

    • John drinks Nuka Cola

      I agree with the multiplayer thing, but when you have nice internet being always online isn’t so bad. I hated that about Starcraft II at first, now I don’t even notice it anymore.

  • Johann

    I have started an Iron Born play through, basically you start a toon and only use what you actually pick up in the game. No AH, no transfer of loot from one toon to another and I must say I’m actually enjoying it again. The new loot rules they’re bringing in with the xpac should also be good. Lower amount of drops, but better quality. They said that one playthrough of ACT III dropped 6 legendaries where vanilla D3 only dropped 1. I’m definitely getting this and I will probably get the CE if I can get my hands on it.

  • todd

    15 – 20 hours, not minutes?

    • Kromas

      Unless your lunch break is 20 hours long I think it is right.

  • loftie

    Aaah yes, Auction House 3 returns!! mwahahahah

  • Slade Boender

    This whole d3 thing is starting to slowly creep under my skin again. Im wondering if I should really bother playing again. Did however DL it last weekend, so at least its playable. Forking out another 300 bucks on top of the 800 for the special edition means more than 1k for an SP game…

    If its all so damned hunky dory then why do I have this little voice in my head telling me to bend over again :/

  • Sargon

    So my loot that cost billions in the Auction House is now going to be completely worthless due to the increased level cap? SELL SELL SELL.

  • Josh Strauss

    I…will…not…buy…this! I swore to myself after the bore-fest that is D3 that I will not grace Blizzard with one cent of my hard earned money for a game that does not even have a talent tree. No optimised build they said, more build varieties they said, more exciting they said…whatever Blizzard.

    • Lardus-Respect the beard

      “for a game” – technically an expansion haha. I feel the same, but DAMN those videos look good. Seems we might actually get some ATMOSPHERE in the game again. Also read about quite a few more features on the US forums. Maybe they learnt their lesson?

  • Rags

    Nope, not touching it.

    It at least looks a bit darker than Diablo 3. But no thank you. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. 1 torturous play-through was enough.

  • ElimiNathan

    People complain a shitload about Diablo 3, I’ve gotten HOURS upon hours of fun gaming out of it. No complaints from my side besides the initial errors that everyone experienced

    • Johan du Preez

      Its obvious you didn’t play diablo 1 and 2 when they were released, as a new player to the franchise it wont seem like a problem but if you know how much better the first 2 was then you would be pissed like everyone else because we know what potential it had.

      They are adding randomized dungeons guess what Diablo 1 had that on release in 1996 and diablo 2, its one of the reasons why it was so addictive and not repetitive, now they want to sell you a expansion and pimp it as one of the features ?

      Get fucking real Blizzard.

      • ElimiNathan

        I noticed randomized dungeons in Diablo 3 ? But ye you are correct I didn’t play 1 and 2 when they were released, I played 2 quite a while afterwards

        • Rags

          He, I can see new players enjoying it as just a decent ARPG along with Tortchlight 2. But the game does not even come close to delivering the same experience as Diablo 1 & 2. And after a gazillion years waiting for 3 to be given a game a small indie studio could produce in half the time is a damn shame.

          • CrasH

            I think a part of me is still silently hoping they chnage the game to the way it was suppose to be before they decided to try and make the game concole friendly.

  • matthurstrsa

    “you’ve got to give Blizzard credit for creating a game that still has people playing”

    Diablo 2?

  • Galbedir

    Love the “new” class and the look of the gameplay for it. Still missing the awesome armor rune system they had in D2…However I won’t be purchasing this until I hear good reviews and if its longer then an hour or 2 gameplay.

  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    15-20 minutes long act and only 1 new character who once leveled up to lvl 60 (Sorry 70!) is done and dusted with no true replay value to try new builds from scratch?

    I hope they don’t expect us to pay for that 0.o

    • Admiral Chief Raider of Tombs

      Ummm, they are handing this out along…

      • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew


        • Admiral Chief Raider of Tombs

          [Achievement Unlocked]
          Make Ellyn Cry

  • CrasH

    I blame every gamer that plays games till they get stuck and then moan its too difficult and then rant on the internet and secondly but mostly i blame consoles.

    Basic Keyboard is the 101, as in a 101 buttons and the older PC games made you use them and penilised you if you where a clicker.

    Now with consoles having 8 buttons and 2 sticks… every single game is dulled down.
    And yes the combonations can go far past 8 if paired, but then you will have just a long list of internet babies crying if they had to hold 1 button in and press another.

    My biggest issue before the new uber keyboards was the ability to hold in more than 3 buttons before your keyboard decides to stop reacting, espeically with 2 poeple playing on one keyboard…
    aahh the days of ironman and bubble bubble…

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