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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls revealed

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People may have had one or two things to say about Diablo III last year COUGH “Error 37” COUGH, but you’ve got to give Blizzard credit for creating a game that still has people playing. Or will at least draw more folks back, as Diablo III is getting an expansion pack.

Reaper of Souls doesn’t just bring new quests and tweaks to the game. It brings a new class to Diablo III, the Crusader. Described as a mid-range melee fighter, the Crusader can wield flails and shields to devastating effect.

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And if he sounds like the kind of character that was inspired by the Paladin from Diablo II, then guess what? You’re 100% correct. Other new features include the level cap being increased to 70, which opens up new runes and skills for all classes.

In town, you’ll be able to roll back stats on rare and legendary items thanks to the Mystic, who can also transmogrify items for you. The Paragon system is also getting retooled, and will no longer cap any of your characters.

As for the expansion, it’s an Act V haunt that will have players up against the might of the angel of death Malthael and monsters such as the Seraph and the summoner of Death. Another new feature will be loot runs, which will have players venturing into random dungeons to face a random monster.

Blizzard reckons that this should last around 15-20 minutes, so it’ll be a decent lunchtime distraction. Reaper of Souls is looking like a darker piece of Diablo III so far, something that should please the fans who have bemoaned the bright World of Warcraft state of the game for months now.

Last Updated: August 22, 2013

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