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DICE doesn’t see 3D gaming as the future

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DICE may have just become my favourite videogame developer by being possibly the first big name developer to come out and state that they don’t feel 3D gaming is the next big thing.

Specifically this was said by Patrick Bach, the executive producer for Battlefield 3, during a round table interview at DICE’s offices in Sweden that VG247 were invited to attend.

When asked what the next big thing in gaming was he initially replied “Battlefield 3” and then went on and stated “it’s not 3D for sure”.

His final answer was that he was hoping games would grow up a bit and continue to provide entertainment to us aging gamers who used to love playing the kids games but now would prefer something a bit more mature and meaty.

With Sony putting such huge backing behind 3D and Nintendo pushing hard with the 3DS it’s hard to see 3D going anywhere soon but we can hope can’t we?

Source: VG247

Last Updated: August 31, 2011

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