DiRT 3: Night Rallying video

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It feels like just last week that I was standing in a room listening to a developer tell me how awesome their night racing ability was in game and now DiRT 3 is ramping up the media campaign and they seem to have the same manifesto.

While the Shift guys were mainly focussing on the lighting effects of the night driving it looks like DiRT 3 has taken a different turn and is more focussed on the textures and graphics of the track.

This obviously isn’t an officially sanctioned video but you get to see enough of the night driving to be impressed by the realism on the road however I am a little worried about the lack of reaction when he hits pot holes or falls off the track.

The reflections on the bonnet are also pretty incredible.

And if you missed it don’t forget to check out the Kenya and Norway rally video’s from yesterday.

Last Updated: April 14, 2011

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