Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance – Class unlock guide

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Disgaea 5 (5)

Bugger the guitars, assassins and vault dwellers coming out over the next couple of months because I’ve actually got a soft spot for Disgaea (pronounced Dis Guy Ja,which is what I sound like). There’s now a fifth Disgaea game out. And you’ve probably never even heard about the series, let alone played the previous games.

And that’s ok! There’s always time to sink your teeth into one of these cult classics. For those of you who have been around the Disgaea block, welcome back! A world awaits, characters boast that adorable chibi design and some guidance is needed. Here’s how you can unlock some premium class upgrades in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance.

Class Unlocks

Disgaea 5 (1)


Reach Fighter Rank 2 and Healer Rank 2

Armor Knight

Reach Fighter Rank 3 and Brawler Rank 3

Black Knight

Reach Wrestler Rank 2, Lady Samurai Rank 2, Ninja Rank 2

Celestial Host (Male)

Reach Magic Knight Rank 2, Healer Rank 3


Reach Fighter Rank 2 and Mage Rank 2

Lady Samurai

Reach Archer Rank 2 and Fighter Rank 3

Disgaea 5 (4)

Magic Knight

Reach Fighter Rank 3 and Mage Rank 3


Reach Thief Rank 2 and Brawler Rank 3


Reach Maid Rank ,3 Gunner rank 2 and Archer Rank 2


Reach Maid Rank 2 and Gunner Rank 2


Reach Magic Knight Rank 4 and Professor Rank 2


Reach Brawler Rank 2


Reach Armor Knight Rank 2 and Fighter Rank 3

Unlockable Monster classes

Disgaea 5 (2)

Here’s where things get a tad bit trickier. To get your monster class on, you’ll need to either hand in items or kill certain creatures.

All of the classes in the game are unlocked via the Quests. Monster classes typically require you to either hand in a certain item or kill something specific.


Hand in 3 Muscle items.


Kill 3 INT monster weapons (grey onea).

Dragon King

Hand in any Fire element weapon.


Hand in Fairy Dust.


Hand in five Fist weapons.

Flora Beast

Hand in three Heal Items.


Hand in any Spear weapon (Legendary or better).


Hand in any item.

Nether Noble

Hand in either an Angel Cake or a Gold Bar.


Hand in any Secret Treasure (Imperial Seal or similar).


Hand in any item.

Disgaea 5 (3)


Available from beginning.


Kill 3 Imps.

Sea Angel

Hand in any Heal % Item.


Kill 3 Mushroom Objects (go to Demunshroom area).


Hand in unopened Soda.

Slumber Cat

Hand in a Sardine.


Hand in five Strange Feelers (ATK monster weapon).

Twin Dragon

Hand in any Orb item (Rare or better).


Hand in an ATK monster weapon (red one).

Winged Warrior

Kill 1 Archer.

Last Updated: October 20, 2015

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