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Dishonored Webisode 3 – In the Mind of Madness

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The final episode of the Dishonored Tales from Dunwall webisode series has been released. Have a look at a key figure in the city ofDunwalland in Corvo’s story in “In the Mind of Madness”.

This webisode introduces Piero, a man haunted by dreams, by death and the creator of something most significant in the story of Corvo and Dunwall. 

Gamers who pre-order this game will also receive two exclusive Team Fortress 2 items and Arkane Studios’ first game, Arx Fatalis for free.

TF2 items:

Lacking Moral Fibre Mask (Spy only)

This grifter’s mask is perfect for running the oldest scam in the book: tricking people into thinking you’re a down-on-his-luck, dishonored robot who’s just had dental surgery, then getting them to lend you money. Also comes with eye-gun, so if the scam doesn’t work, you can rob them.

Whale Bone Charm (Badge)

Made of Dunwall’s finest whalebone, this charm is guaranteed to be ten times as lucky as your other jewelry made of skeleton parts. Say goodbye to that annoying necklace of rabbit feet, bat wings and shriveled hands you usually wear to buy lottery tickets. 

Last Updated: October 1, 2012

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