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Dishonoured is going to run at full steampunk on all systems

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My dad always wanted to be run over by a steam train. He was chuffed to bits.

Worried that when the upcoming steampunk game Dishonoured arrives, one or more of your chosen platforms is going to get gimped when it comes to gameplay and features? Worry not says Arkane Studios, as the developer behind the game is tweaking it to run at optimal speed on each console and PC configuration.

Talking to AusGamer, co-creative director Harvey Smith explained that Dishonoured would be a multiplatform title that will have smooth controls and UI on either PS3, PC or Xbox 360. “One of the great things about Arkane, is that we have different factions on the team that represent each of the platforms”, Smith said.

So we have fanatical Xbox guys that want to make sure their Achievements are handled correctly; we have a lot of old-school PC guys that want to make sure that there’s no mouse-acceleration forced on you, and you can turn off parts of the HUD, and that the key-bindings are right.

Also on the PC of course, you can run at 60 frames a second, which is pretty sweet.

And then we have PS3 guys as well that are, like, fanatical for their platform and make sure the trophies are handled correctly and it performs well on the PS3 and all that. So that’s one of the good things about the team.

Smith also spoke about the various powers in the game, which he says will allow players to experiment with different paths to various obstacles in the game, allowing the player to do things that not even the developers themselves knew about.

“We jumped off the building and on the way down, before hitting the ground, possessed this woman standing down there, which broke the fall by moving into her body. So that’s a good example, and we didn’t plan for that either”, said Smith.

But we have recently seen people doing things where: the Tallboys are the guards on stilts that are the city watch and dealing with the infected — they’re walking around on stilts — and we’ve seen people blink-teleport into the air over them, and then as they fall onto the tallboy, initiate the drop assassination.

So you can actually drop assassinate the tallboys, which is fantastic.

Dishonoured happens to be firmly entrenched on my gaming radar at the moment, as it brings a certain level of tactical action into the world around it. Rich visuals, steampunk influences and magic, make for a game that I just have to have come October this year.

Last Updated: June 21, 2012

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