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Disintegration, the game about robots flying motorcycles with guns, is arriving this June

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Disintegration, the hybrid FPS/RTS shooter, looks like the sort of silly fun that could only be achieved within the wonderful realm of video games. Come on, just the very concept is just…ridiculous. Humans have wired their consciousness into robots, then some evil robots were like, “Maybe you should just be robots and not human?” and the humans said, “Nah, that sucks. Let’s fight with our flying motorbikes and small squads of disposable dudes”. It’s so 80’s pulp sci-fi that it circles all the way around from stupid to utterly amazing and I can’t wait to give it a go. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait much longer because Disintegration is launching next month.

Is it just me or did this game kind of drop out of nowhere? Like, I remember the announcement for it months ago but it all of sudden just snuck up on everyone. Which isn’t exactly fair, the developers V1 Interactive have been out there spreading the word on their game. They even released a beta a few months ago in January, and Darryn said that he enjoyed it quite a bit. While the trailer that was shown off yesterday didn’t show anything new gameplay wise, we got a better feel for the game’s story, showing off the different factions at play. Our playable character hero threw out some one-liner quips, the bad guys have red eyes and highlights because of course they do and it’s pretty clear what the stakes are with “humans” fighting to retain what little of their humanity they have left.


Beyond the visually cliché aspects, Disintegration looks like it has the production value to carry it’s story pretty neatly. Whether the narrative serves as mere flavour for the game’s multiplayer or it’s an actual campaign to play through is up for speculation but I’ve been let down enough by Overwatch promising any kind of narrative and then waiting for a “sequel” to actually deliver on it. Long live the glorious single-player campaign! Disintegration will be launching on 16 June for Steam.

Last Updated: May 8, 2020

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