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Disney Infinity 2.0 Originals figure review

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It may be all about heroes this year with Disney Infinity 2.0, but don’t forget that there are several other figures on the way who aren’t wearing spandex and capes. Or pants at all. With the Marvel side of Disney Infinity 2.0 having mostly rolled out so far, it’s time for the originals to take the stage and spread some magic. Here’s a round-up review of the eight new additions to the Infinity roster.

Donald Duck

Disney Originals (1)

There are two words that I can use to describe Donald Duck: Hilariously furious. Donald Duck is essentially my spirit animal, an angry pantsless sailor with an incomprehensible speech impediment. And I absolutely adore this duck. The actual figure has his attitude captured perfectly. It’s that combination of a short temper and self-assured confidence that makes Donald my favourite out of the originals, and his hilarious attacks and movement inside the game that make him so much fun to engage with.


Disney Originals (10)

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new Disney film on the way by the name of Big Hero 6. That film rocks up this Friday in the states, but we’ll most likely have to wait a bit longer before we see it locally. Still, the face of the film is easily Baymax, a squishy droid designed to help and heal. But in the movie, he gets an upgrade that tosses out the pacifism for kickass. His design in Infinity 2.0 captures that, with Baymax easily the biggest figure of the lot and equipped with jets that allow him to fly around. And rocket-powered fists. This needs to be emphasised.


Disney Originals (3)

While Hiro doesn’t boast as much power as Baymax or flight, he does have easily the most visually impressive attacks in the game as he unleashes swarms of nanobots with massive area of effect damage. It’s a nicely detailed figure, and one that will most likely sell like hotcakes when paired with Baymax after the Big Hero 6 movie arrives on Friday.


Disney Originals (6)

The funny thing here, is that I don’t regard Brave to be one of Pixar’s finest movies. I don’t hate it, but it feels lacklustre when compared to their previous efforts. That being said, the Merida figure is easily the most detailed and well sculpted figure out of the entire lot, with her fiery hair, attitude and courage perfectly translated. And she even has a little wood sprite next to her in her base.


Disney Originals (2)

Well well well, what have we here? Maleficent could be seen as one of the riskier Disney Original properties to spend time and money on developing for Infinity 2.0. This of course, is entirely moot as the character has $757 million worth of reasons as to why she deserves a spot with the Infinity roster. If you’re an Angelina Jolie fan, you’ll dig this figure. She has grace, horns and sculpted cheekbones that make me convinced that a CGI crew is nearby and coating her figure with holographic tech to make her face so sharp.

In the game, she’s an absolute force to be reckoned with, as she weaves magic that can take down entire armies.


Disney Originals (4)

Up until yesterday, I had no idea that the little fairy from Peter Pan was so popular. She’s got movies, TV shows and an actual voice these days, with Tink proving to be a hit with the younger generation. Her actual figure has her captured in mid-flight, and I have to admit that it’s a bit of an odd pose, even if it is based on classic source material. Still, it’s solidly constructed and I expect Tinkerbell to be spreading a lot of fairy dust when she arrives.


Disney Originals (7)

Oh man, if there was one Disney movie that defined my childhood, it was Aladdin. The tale of a street rat who became a prince, Aladdin is a timeless classic. And I dig that this figure is based more on his initial Agrabah appearance where he needed both wits and charm to stay ahead of the royal guard. It’s one of the more charming figures, and it’s impossible to not dig that confident attitude.


Disney Originals (5)

One of the other aspects of Disney Infinity that has changed this year, is that figures are no longer made to a strict scale. We saw that last year with the Phineas and Ferb figures in particular, as the two genius boys and their secret agent platypus pet were a on the small side. And when you’re spending a few bucks on each figure, you want something that scales up with your purchase. Stitch could have easily been a tiny figure, but he is instead an absolute maniac that can stand tall next to other characters. And that toothy smile has me won over completely.

Last Updated: November 4, 2014


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    I somehow see us playing this 2016 at home. Hmm, but it does look cool, and the figures too


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    There is no Ferb figure. Not for Disney Infinity. And I would be very disturbed if a ten-year-old boy was tall as teenagers and adults. Furthermore, I think it’s silly to say that people expect something they spend a lot of money on to be to scale. There are diamond that can fit in your hand and are worth thousands of dollars


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