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Don’t call it a Collector’s Edition, this is a Dead Space 3 Dev Edition

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After a solid month of no new releases in terms of big name games, the new year finally kicks off tomorrow with DmC. Weepy bugger with cool guns and a big-ass sword. One other game that will have me weeping just as hard, will be Dead Space 3, but not because I’m a complete wimp when it comes to mild suspense. It’s because I won’t be able to get my hands on this gorgeous Dev Team Edition of the game.

For a $100 (R870), you get plenty of Dead Space for your buck. Here’s the full list of items included:

  • Tin collector’s case – Features embossed designs from Creative director Ben Wanat and UI Designer Dino Ignacio
  • Serrano’s Journal – Includes content from Story producer Chuck Beaver, clues and artwork and more details in the planet of Tau Volantis
  • Art Book – 96 page hardbound art book that includes material overseen by Art Director Alex Muscat
  • Flip Book “Data Pad” – A replica book with a metal cover that houses 9 card stock images with clear PET paper.
  • Marker Statue – It looks like a dragon wang, but it’s actually a hand-sculpted statue replica of the infamous insanity-makers from the game
  • Med-Pack – Recreated as a replica, that is also a water bottle. Because I believe that Pepsi can heal any wound
  • Poster Pack – Three single-sided posters that replicate the promotional images found throughout Dead Space 3
  • Postcard Set – Six postcards with double-sided information and art

Doesn’t look too bad, as far as collector’s editions go. Oh, and if you want a Dev Edition that comes with the game, you’ll have to pony up some extra dollars, because that’ll cost you $160.

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As for the rest of us lowly plebs, the game will be out on PlayStation 3, Xbox360 and PC on the eighth of February.

Last Updated: January 14, 2013

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