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By the time you guys are reading this, I’m probably either winging my way to Germany, or already arrived and imbibing some Kolsch. Geoff, Matty and I will be spending the week in Cologne, getting our grubby hands on all the most anticipated games and getting some cool videos and photos while we’re at it. Don’t miss any of the cool stuff – here’s how to catch it all.

The website, of course

The best way to get all our news is, of course, reading the articles that we’ll post here. We will be liveblogging the press conferences (that will actually be taking place during normal human waking hours) as well as reporting on all our closed door sessions. You can just carry on reading the site as normal, or, if you’re only interested in the Gamescom coverage, you can check out our hub over here.

Get social

We will also be doing the usual tweeting and whatnot from our personal accounts while we’re away. These will probably contain more images of beer and teabagging than anything else, but feel free to check us out:




And don’t forget that we’ve also got an Instagram account now that we’re all hipster – so the best angles and lighting and filters will be employed to show afore mentioned beer and tea bagging.

Be sure to also subscribe to our YouTube channel – you already know that Darryn presents awesome videos all week, but we’ll also be posting our interviews, vlogs and who knows what other forms of awesomeness on there. So click subscribe so you know that you won’t miss a thing.

Finally, wish me luck. At E3 I was roomies with the wonderful Darryn who brought me coffee in bed and beat his chest while humming randomly throughout the day. This time, I can only imagine the strangeness that Geoff and Mindy will perform. I will strive to capture all our weird and wonderful adventures for your viewing pleasure/horror.

Last Updated: August 11, 2014

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