Don't Starve devs show off Incognita

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Some of you may remember my love for the indie game Don’t Starve.  It is awesome, unpredictable and brilliantly designed.  Now, the brains behind this winner of a game are bringing you a turn-based tactical espionage game – like XCOM but sneakier.

Incognita is still in pre-Alpha, and will follow a similar release system to Don’t Starve – it will be released as a paid Alpha so that they can use community feedback to improve the game. Making use of procedural generation again, each game will create a unique building with unique floor plans.  Your goal is to work your way up the building gathering intelligence without being killed by guards or setting of the alarm.  It features an isometric design and a variety of classes.  Here is a recording of the first bit of gameplay footage shown on a live stream through Twitch – video begins at about 5 minutes.

Watch live video from kleientertainment on TwitchTV

I’m a big fan of stealthy games, and this one looks tactical and unique.  If this is what the pre-alpha looks like, I’m excited to see what the actual game looks like – I have a good feeling about this one!  Incognita will be launching on PC, and they are also aiming to support Mac and Linux.

Last Updated: July 29, 2013

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