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Justin Carter has been in jail since 27 March 2013 because of sarcastic comments made while discussing League of Legends.  It’s one thing to rage quit, but due to making those comments on Facebook, this kid could end up with an eight year prison sentence.

Back in February, Carter and a friend were arguing with someone on Facebook about LoL, leading to some stupid comments.  As his father explained to the local news:

“Someone had said something to the effect of ‘Oh you’re insane, you’re crazy, you’re messed up in the head,’ to which he replied ‘Oh yeah, I’m real messed up in the head, I’m going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still, beating hearts,’ and the next two lines were lol and jk.,” 

I wonder if the debate was about which champion was better, or maybe the insanity of his build order.  In any event, a Canadian woman (blame Canada) saw the posting and googled Carter, seeing his old address was near an elementary school, so she called the police.  The next month, Justin Carter was in jail, charged with making a terrorist threat.

It doesn’t help that Carter made the threats just a couple months after the school massacre at Sandy Hook in Connecticut.  However, his father explains:

“Justin was the kind of kid who didn’t read the newspaper. He didn’t watch television. He wasn’t aware of current events. These kids, they don’t realize what they’re doing. They don’t understand the implications. They don’t understand public space,”

There’s a petition, if you care to sign, requesting the release of Justin Carter and change to the investigative criteria for terrorist threats.  I must say, the kid was pretty stupid to say that sort of thing on Facebook.  However, considering the amount of inane prattle I see on Facebook and twitter every day, most people would be arrested if these kinds of investigative techniques were used universally.  I suppose the moral of the story is, don’t rage on Facebook?  Or maybe don’t fight about League of Legends, just play the game!

Last Updated: July 1, 2013

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