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Doom and Doom 2 are now available in Germany

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Thanks to some serious dedication from Bethesda, who acquired id Software in 2009, Doom and Doom 2 are no longer considered harmful to young people in Germany which means the Germans can now get there hands on some of the titles that defined a genre, even if it is 18 years later.

Why the German censorship board, who generally hate fun and feel their youth are as soft as play dough, suddenly thought it was okay to allow Doom onto the market isn’t know yet.

However it may be that the board is simply maturing as they recently agreed to allow Gears of War 3 onto their market and therefore freeing up countries without Live to be able to download the map packs and other DLC.

The Gears decision has prompted Microsoft to apply for clearance for Gears 1 and 2 which would obviously gift them another chunk of cash as the Germans finally get to experience one of the best games of all time… okay I’m slightly biased when it comes to Gears of War 1.

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Last Updated: September 1, 2011

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