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DOOM Eternal has a mix of new and classic demons to introduce to your boomstick

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The hordes of hell are knocking on your front door, Earth has been decimated and cities have literally been painted red with the blood of millions. How do you fight back against an army of the damned and send them straight back to the inferno from whence they came? With one shotgun shell at a time. If there was one takeaway from 2016’s DOOM, it’s that the game relished any opportunity to give you a bloody good time.

Prioritising speed and savagery, the only wrench that hell could throw at you was the faint hope that you’d run out of ammo before they ran out of cannon fodder to soak your rage up with. Plenty of demons fell before the Doom Slayer eventually, ranging from run of the mill imps chucking fireballs at you to the almighty Cyberdemon itself as it made a grand return. Remember that fight? It was awesome.

DOOM Eternal will, of course, have its own fair share of new and returning faces. In a new NoClip documentary, game director Hugo Martin revealed how the sequel took demons from the classic era of Doom and gave them a new 4K lick of paint. “Pain Elemental, we wanted to definitely bring back as many characters from DOOM 2 as we could,” Martin said in the video.

Kind of queuing off some of the design elements that were in the Cacodemon from 2016, with the Predator-like mandibles. (Lead concept artist) Jon Lane this time did this awesome concept where he really steered into it and it has instead of like two fangs like the Cacodemon has it has tons of them. There’s like six or seven.

Besides that nasty piece of work, you can also expect to test your weapons on Hellified Soldiers and Arachnotrons, who function like spiders if they were diehard members of the NRA. You’re going to need a MASSIVE can of bug spray to deal with them and now you know why the game is called DOOM. Beyond those cult classics, you’ll also be locking horns with new threats such as the Marauder, Doom Hunter and Whiplash. All this and a whole lot of action come March 20 when DOOM Eternal launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Last Updated: January 28, 2020


  1. That article headline picture got me.


  2. HairyEwok

    January 28, 2020 at 16:20

    Watched the AGDQ speedrun of Doom 2016, let me tell you if you guys want to watch an entertaining run that is it right there, so many rip and tear puns.


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