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DOOM Eternal speedruns are already breaking the 90 minute barrier

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DOOM Eternal is out and much like a certain Kellogs cereal that is lightly frosted diabetes, it’s GREAT. It’s vicious, violent and it happens to have a core loop of action that makes you feel like the most dominant life form in the universe. Atop a pile of bones and ripped flesh, fans are already experimenting with the sequel and looking for new ways to experience the single-player campaign before they dip into Battlemode.

And there’s plenty to do! While my own playthrough for the review of the game (Which according to me, is fan-bloody-tastic to read and watch) took me around 14 hours in total over one gloriously gory weekend, it’s the drive to collect toys, secret albums and cheat codes that’ll keep players coming back to the fray. For an extra dash of challenge, you could even disable the HUD, dial up the difficulty and see how far you get with nothing more than your killer instincts and an ear for subtle audio prompts.

Or, and hear me out here, you could see how quickly you can run through DOOM Eternal. Players from around the world have already begun clocking some impressive times so far, cutting a ton of fat off of the game by bulldozing their way through enemies. It’s no easy feat chopping the experience down to a sub-two hour run, as you’re looking at memorising environmental puzzles, perfecting certain platform sections and juggling the flow of action on top of all that. Without cheat codes as well.

Here’s a look at BloodThunder posting his run at one hour, 28 minutes and and an entire 25 seconds:


And here’s CreeperHntr nailing an impressive hour and 26 minutes! (Cheers PC Gamer)


The gauntlet has indeed been thrown down. I doubt anyone outside of PC can hit these times as the reaction speeds shown with that that hardware is simply insane, but it’s hard not to marvel at the movement being shown in these speedruns. It’s a game of constant boosts and acrobatics, taking advantage of gaps in the level design geometry and gliding like a magnificent eagle over pits to emerge victorious. Reckon you can do better? Prove it.

Last Updated: March 24, 2020

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