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DOOM has a devilish secret hidden in its soundtrack

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DOOM 2016

I think we can all agree that DOOM is genius. It’s old school, has enough blood to fill an ocean and it also has a rocking soundtrack. A soundtrack full of blood, rage and METAL! And also, a few Easter eggs, much like the rest of the game. First spotted on Reddit, it looks like DOOM is hiding a secret that will have local churches and tannies in an uproar soon. Because if you look at the music for the Cyberdemon boss fight, and analyse it with a spectograph, you get this:


Not clear enough? Here’s the original Reddit image (Click to embiggen):


And here’s the boss fight where it all originates from:

It’s sly, it’s old school and it’s going to piss parents off. I freakin’ love it. Outside of that soundtrack nod to the controversy that surrounded the original game when it launched in 1993, DOOM’s soundtrack has been fantastic stuff, but also overlooked. Now, I have an excuse to go back in and analyse every single musical cue that I can.

Because stuff like this is what keeps me wanting to fill the head of a demon with a few shotgun rounds.

Last Updated: May 30, 2016

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