DOOM is teaching old multiplayer new tricks with new modes

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DOOM has mixes old with the new in multiplayer modes

DOOM is bringing back the arena-shooter in a big way, and its multiplayer component is certainly the part of the game that I’m looking forward to the most. The breakneck speed of whipping around corners and thrusting head first into danger is what shooters of old were born from, and it’s the reason such standard modes like team deathmatch and free-for-all have stood the test of time. DOOM is bringing those to the table, along with modern twists on classic games.

DOOM will be launching with 6 different game modes, three of which are standards that don’t really need explaining. The other three are the most interesting of the lot. Warpath, Freeze Tag and Soul Harvest al feature weird twists to standard shoot and kill objectives, and makes the entire act of online play a little more interesting.

Freeze Tag, for example, replaces kills with tags. Tagging an enemy will freeze them in place, while standing close to frozen teammates slowly thaws them back into the game. Freeze an entire team and you win the round, which emphasises team play a lot more than quick kills and respawns. Soul Harvest, on the other hand, works at lot like Call of Duty’s Confirmed Kill. Players will have to pick up the souls of enemies they’ve killed to score points, while teammates can block them by collecting souls of fallen comrades themselves.

Warpath shifts the dynamics of King of the Hill with a moving, shifting region of control. The point in never static, which plays nicely into the pace of some of DOOM’s weaponry (there’s a sniper that literally does more damage the more you move). Outside of that DOOM has standard Team Deathmatch, more classic hold and control with Domination and a truly pure Clan Arena mode – where all picks up and regenerative health is taken away.

Six isn’t a large number when looking at game modes, and there’s a surprising lack of free-for-all play, but I’m certainly liking the newer, more innovative game modes that DOOM is offering. The tried and tested standards will probably prove more popular when DOOM launches in May, but I’m placing my chips on Freeze Tag being a huge favourite too.

Last Updated: March 22, 2016

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