Dota 2 gets added commentator functionality

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Dota 2 has already been built for eSports – it comes built in with streaming and sharing capabilities.  Now, it has added features for commentators.

The new patch allows commentators to show stats and items to viewers using pop-up messages.  Additionally, they can ask questions or send poll results.

I gotta say it’s pretty cool.  Sure, it’s gimmicky what with bells and whistles (and pop-ups).  No, it might not make a huge difference to eSports in general.  However, it might change things over at Blizzard and Riot – they might also add similar features.  In fact, it might change the face of eSports commentary.  It certainly adds some extra viewing pleasure.

Are you happy with these new features?  What would you like to see as eSports continues to evolve?

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Last Updated: June 4, 2013

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