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Dota 2 update helps you learn the game

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Dragon Knight

What I really love about Dota 2 is its accessibility to well, every one on the planet and how easy it is to learn. Many find games in this genre intimidating and scary, because they think it’s too complicated – but as Valve adds more features to teach new players, it’s hardly a game that’s meant for hardcore gamers only. This week’s update does exactly that; check out the details.

The update includes the first of many features aimed at teaching new players the game. New players will automatically be guided towards the first tutorial where they’ll play the hero Davion, The Dragon Knight. The tutorial will be stored under the Quests tab of the Play screen.

This however isn’t the only new feature; Valve added Hero Builds to the in-game menu at the top left corner, where you can choose community made Hero Builds to guide you through any hero you are playing. It describes what abilities to use when and highlights where to spend skill points. Any one can create and publish a hero build on the Steam Community page.

The update also added the ability to preview the content of all chests before opening them in full 3D. Gamers are also now able to update their status on their Career Profile.

If you’re still trying to decide whether to try this game out or not, do it! It’s getting easier and ever more addictive.

Last Updated: February 28, 2013

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