Dragon Age: Inquisition takes a stab at Ubisoft

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EA, as far as I’m concerned, has been making great strides of late to removing itself from the very top of the list of the most hated videogame publisher in all the land. The very vocal people on the internet who like to moan about everything, have had very little vitriol to direct at EA of late. They’ve been giving away games, they’re giving away DLC and have been admitting they’ve made mistakes. Instead, it’s Ubisoft who seems to be climbing the ladder. And now EA’s helping push them them up.

As you know, Assassin’s Creed Unity won’t be 1080p on either of the new consoles, with the game rendering at a barely-distinguishable-to-the-human-eye-unless-you-really-really-concentrate 900p. That’s in itself okay, but Ubisoft’s problem came with the excuses that followed – including the one that launched the #PS4noParity hashtag: the since recanted story of both systems running at 900p for the sake of parity across consoles.

In the wake of that resolution controversy, the Dragon Age: Inquisition  Twitter account has taken something that’s less than positive, and successfully used it to take a subtle jab or two at Ubisoft. Here’s what they said:

Cheeky! Dragon Age: Inquisition is out on the new and old consoles, plus PC towards the end of November. It promises to deliver over 200 hours of RPG action, and significantly more than just one cave.

Last Updated: October 13, 2014

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