Dragon Age: Inquisition to use your voice

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DAI voice command

I’m planning on getting Dragon Age: Inquisition on new generation console. It will look prettiest, and besides, I’m so over getting games for last gen. Now, I will have a trickier decision about which console to get it on.

According to Total Xbox (AKA OXM), Bioware’s Dragon Age Inquisition creative director Mike Laidlaw explained:

We’re expecting that Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions will ship with a Kinect-enabled voice command feature, just like Mass Effect 3 did

Above and beyond voice technology, they’re also looking at SmartGlass ideas for tablets, although producer Cameron Lee says it would have to make sense:

But we want Inquisition to be an experience you can take with you everywhere – to work, the commute home, the living room, bed.

If done properly, this could be a fantastic opportunity for the Xbox One to show off just what the Kinect can do, other than be used to troll people. It could be nice to have integrated voice commands, especially during dialogue options. Additionally, it might be nice if you could use simple gestures or even head nods to direct your companions to attack different enemies. Perhaps shouting “magic” or “fire” if you recognize enemy weak spots. There are plenty of applications that could be done organically to add to the experience, without feeling tacked on and irritating.

I really hope Bioware does this – Xbox One needs to justify that forced Kinect, and it would be nice if there were more to it than simply turning on the system, Skyping people while playing or playing silly sports games. Otherwise, it’s just yet another peripheral for people to complain about.

Last Updated: April 11, 2014

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