Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Skyhold is massive

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Yesterday, while we were resting, the good people from Bioware were showing off a live stream of some Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay. They were running around, giving bits and pieces of information throughout, but all I could pay attention to was just how big the place is.

While Bioware hasn’t made the live stream available on YouTube just yet, Youtuber ChandlerUSMC has and you can watch the first part of the stream right here:

Even on Xbox One, the platform used for this stream, the game is looking gorgeous. Even more than that, the Skyhold is looking enormous. The stream didn’t even show off all the areas or character interactions possible, but the place is larger than plenty of environments we encountered in previous Dragon Age games. There’s a tavern, research areas, gardens, and so much more – and this is only half of what the Skyhold can eventually become. Each upgrade or requisition is decided by the player. While there is far too much chatter about curtains and heraldry, I’m more interested in the various rooms and areas that you can upgrade and then use to make more key choices. Depending on how you play the game, you will also get different merchants and other NPCs to join you. It all seems so alive and I know that I will spend far too much time upgrading and exploring my personal castle.

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This is a nice extra that I’m so glad they added to the game. It’s like a light form of base-management and certainly adds to the immersion considering you’re running the Inquisition from your Skyhold. Is this a rabbit hole that you will gladly fall down, or will you be more focused on other aspects of the game?

Last Updated: October 21, 2014

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