Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 – Mentor locations and training guide

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Some of the best skills in Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2 can’t be bought. They have to be taught. Signature abilities such as the Monkeysoupoo…er…Mechanic superintendent…wait…SPECIAL BEAM CANNON DAMMIT. Anyway, there’s no shortage of masters to train under in Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2. You’ll find the mightiest warriors in the galaxy (And Yamcha), hanging around several locations in Conton City, just waiting for a student that they can pass their techniques down to.

Each master has four skills to teach, ranging from basic attacks through to their own ultimate finishing moves. JOliver7 put together a fab list of mentors that you can find and study under, so CTRL+F to find the sensei that you’re looking for. Reminder, some of these characters will only be available based on how far you are in the campaign.

Double reminder: Bow to your sensei. BOW TO YOUR SENSEI.

Android 18 – Above the accessory shop

  1. Power Blitz (ki)
  2. Endless Shoot (ki)
  3. Deadly Dance (Strike)
  4. Dual Destructo Disk (ki ult)

Broly – Fight him above Parrallel Quest area, then find him in the mushroom area

  1. Blaster Shell (Ki)
  2. Blaster Meteor (Ki)
  3. Gigantc Omega (Strike)
  4. Gigantic Meteor (Ki Ult.)

Captain Ginyu – Above the Namekian area

  1. Fighting pose F (Other)
  2. Fighting Pose A (Other)
  3. Milky Cannon (Ki)
  4. Body Change (Other)

Dodoria – Fight her and then find her above the Namekian area

  1. Dodoria Beam (ki)
  2. Critical Upper (Strike)
  3. Dodoria Headbutt (Strike)
  4. Dodoria Launcher (Ki ult.)

Frieza – Above the Namekian area

  1. Death Beam (Ki)
  2. Death Crasher (Strike)
  3. Death Slicer (Ki)
  4. Death Ball (Ki Ult.)

God of Destruction Beerus – On top of the Academy

  1. God of Destruction’s Anger (Ki)
  2. God of Destruction’s rampage (Strike)
  3. God of Destruction’s Wrath (Ki)
  4. Sphere of Destruction (Ki Ult)


Gohan and Videl – Near the Academy

  1. Eagle Kick (Strike)
  2. Justice Rush (Strike)
  3. Hawk Charge (Strike)
  4. Justice Combination (Strike Ult.)

Goku – After the bamboo forest, before the roasting fish area

  1. Spirit Bomb (Ki)
  2. Instant Transmission (Other)
  3. x10 Kamehameha (Ki)
  4. Super Kamehameha (Ki Ult)

Gotenks – High up on the building near the academy

  1. Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack (Ki)
  2. Galactic Donuts (Ki)
  3. DIE DIE Missile Barrage (Ki)
  4. Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack (Ki Ult)

Hercule – First applaud him and then find him near the clothing and Timespace delivery shops

  1. Dynamite Kick (Strike)
  2. Present for You (Other)
  3. Rolling Hercule Punch (Strike)
  4. The Savior Has Come (other Ult)

Jaco – Near the item and Skill shops

  1. Hero’s Pose (Other)
  2. Elite Beam (Ki)
  3. Elite Shooting (Ki)
  4. Super Elite Combo (Strike)

Kid Gohan – Near the bamboo forest entrance

  1. Evil Ray Strike (Strike)
  2. Evil Rise Strike (Strike)
  3. Masenko (ki)
  4. Explosive Assault (ki ult.)

Krillin – Standing by the Patroller Academy

  1. Rise to action (Other)
  2. Orin Combo (Strike)
  3. Destructo Disk (Ki)
  4. Scatter Kamehameha (Ki Ult.)

Lord Slug – Along the low northern path out of town

  1. Evil Eyes (Ki)
  2. Darkness Eye Beam (Ki)
  3. Darkness Twin Star (Ki)
  4. Darkness rush (2 versions, strike ult)

Majin Buu – By the stairs leading to the accessory shop

  1. Innocence Bullet (ki)
  2. Angry Hit (Strike)
  3. Innocence Cannon (Ki)
  4. Innocence Breath (Ki Ult)


Pan – Across the bridge from Android 18

  1. Dancing Parapara (Other)
  2. Prepare to be punished (Other)
  3. Feint Shot (Ki)
  4. Maiden Blast (Ki Ult)

Perfect Cell – Can be found in the mushroom area

  1. All Clear (Strike)
  2. Gravity Impact (Ki)
  3. Perfect Shot (Ki)
  4. Perfect Kamehameha (Ki Ult)

Piccolo – Near the time nest

  1. Evil Explosion (ki)
  2. Super Explosive Wave (Ki)
  3. Light Grenade (Ki)
  4. Special Beam cannon (Ki ult)

Nappa – Behind the Parallel Quest desk

  1. Bomber DX (ki)
  2. Arm Crash (Strike)
  3. Genocide Shell (ki)
  4. Break Cannon (Ki Ult)

Raditz – To the left of the battle desk

  1. Double Sunday (ki)
  2. Saturday Crash (ki)
  3. Shining Friday (ki)
  4. Weekend (ki ult)

Tien – Along the path towards the mushroom area

  1. Dodon Ray (Ki)
  2. Volleyball Fist (Strike)
  3. Tri Beam (Ki)
  4. Neo-Tri-Beam (Ki Ult.)

Turles – Hidden in the trees north of the world tournament area

  1. Sudden Storm (Ki)
  2. Kill Driver (Ki)
  3. Fruit of the Tree of Might (Other)
  4. Meteor Burst (Ki)

Virginia Vegeta (Near the northern cliff overlooking the shop area

  1. Galick Gun (ki)
  2. Finish Breaker (ki)
  3. Flash Strike (ki)
  4. Final flash (ki ult)

Yamcha – On the path to the world tournament area

  1. Fake death (Strike)
  2. Wolf Fang Fist (strike)
  3. Ki blast thrust (ki)
  4. Spirit Ball (ki ult)

Zarbon – Above the Namekian area

  1. Audacious Laugh (other)
  2. Gorgeous Shot (Ki)
  3. Bloody Counter (Strike)
  4. Elegant Blaster (Ki Ult)

Last Updated: November 2, 2016

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