Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Character unlock guide

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Your face just unlocked my fist

Sure, you may have played all the Dragon Ball games as your favourite Saiyans. But it’s time to try a new character or two. Dragon Ball Xenoverse is out this week, and it’s time to be someone else. Provided that you can unlock them of course, because the game does have a silly system for gaining new characters instead of giving them to you. Crap, I wasn’t supposed to mention that…SOLAR FLARE!

It’s easy enough to get certain characters. Much like previous Dragon Ball games, you can grind away. Here’s what you’ll need in order to gain powerful allies such as Android #18, Bills and Perfect Cell. And Krillin, the majestic space duck.

  • Android #18 – Complete the Androids Saga – Level 34 Required
  • Beerus/Bills – Complete Goku’s Training – Level 70 Required
  • Freeza/Frieza – Complete the Frieza Saga and complete Ginyu’s training – Level 20 Required
  • Captain Ginyu – Complete the first half of the Freeza Saga – Level 15 Required
  • Adult Gohan and Videl – Complete the Buu Saga – Level 40 Required
  • Gotenks – Complete the Buu Saga – Level 40 Required
  • Kuririn/Krillin – Complete the first half of the Saiyan Saga – No Level Requirement
  • Mr. Satan/Hercule – Complete the first half of the Androids Saga (Cell Saga) – No level Requirement
  • Perfect Cell – Complete the first half of the Androids Saga (Cell Saga) – Level 30 Required
  • Piccolo – Complete the first half of the Saiyan Saga – Level 5 Required
  • Son Goku – Complete the Démigra Saga – Level 70 Required
  • Vegeta – Complete the Saiyan Saga – Level 8 Required
  • Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta – Pre-order bonus
  • Dragon Ball GT Trunks – Upcoming DLC character
  • Dragon Ball GT Goku – Upcoming DLC character
  • Pan – Upcoming DLC character
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There’ll be even more characters added to this list during the week. So keep an eye out on this page!

Last Updated: February 24, 2015

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