Duke Nukem Forever sales expectations slashed

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It’s true you may still be recovering from the shock of Duke Nukem Forever actually finally being released or maybe it’s just shock from playing the game… but either way it’s true the game is out and it’s not fantastic… but it’s out.

But can reviews and quality really have that much effect on a game that has been in development for over a century, okay fine a decade but it felt like a century.

Apparently the lack of quality and bad reviews have ended up hurting the sales of Duke Nukem Forever, where Michael Pachter first predicted that DNF would sell around 3 million units he has now changed his mind and has slashed that figure down to a still impressive 1.5 million units.

And he no longer expects it to be in the top selling titles of the year

We had previously expected Duke to be one of the year’s top sellers due to a high degree of hype and a dedicated fan base, and expected solid profit contribution as the bulk of development had been previously expensed. However, the game’s poor reviews (average Metacritic score of 49) likely had a negative impact on sales, causing us to lower our [first quarter] sell-in estimate to 1.5 million units from 3 million units

It’s sad to see Duke end on a note like this but honestly I am all Duked out now and I can’t think of many worse things than seeing him dragged back for yet another game. Let the man take his archaic ideas of humour and sex and retire to a deserted island far far away.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: July 7, 2011

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