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Dungeon Siege III dated, boxarted and gameplay trailered

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And that’s a lot of past participles, some of which don’t even exist in the English language. Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming Dungeon Siege III is due to land on the 27th of May 2011. The game will come in two flavours: the standard edition and the mandatory Limited Edition.

The original Dungeon Siege was a hit due to it being one of the first top-down action RPG games to go full 3D. I remember spending days playing it at university and forsaking a plethora of lectures in the process. Dungeon Siege II just didn’t have the same charm, so here’s hoping the third instalment will fare better, what with a new developer and all.

Gameplay trailer after the jump, although apparently it’s been floating around the internet since last year already; poor form for us not picking it up sooner then. We prostrate ourselves and beg for your forgiveness.

It’s looking pretty neat, isn’t it? All the fantasy staples are there, including warriors with huge swords, brightly coloured magic spells and female protagonists in tight fitting armour. The Limited Edition will come with four item unlocks for you to use right from the word go. It’ll also feature the above topless lady on the box art, who looks as if she’s used too much hairspray and lit a cigarette or something.


Source: CVG

Last Updated: February 4, 2011

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