E for All 2008 dead in the water?

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Joystiq has posted a chart showing how very few people are signed into the E for All expo this year and how PAX seems to have stolen virtually all of their previous attendees.

Basically the only companies who have confirmed their E for All appearance are Microsoft and EA Games, two of the guys who can afford to attend every single event on the planet.

Sony has already said they are not coming and Nintendo are still thinking about it.

Apart from that everyone else has said no.

The organisers however have already bizarrely responded with

“We’re disappointed that you didn’t contact us yesterday before putting up your E for All post, and we hope you’ll do so in the future. At this point, we’ll just say that the show isn’t over until Tiger hits his last hole in one, Microsoft has packed up its last Xbox, Target has sold its last Wii Fit, Fatal1ty has blown away his last opponent, and the World Cyber Games National champions are crowned. Further announcements are forthcoming, and we are confident that E for All 208 will be a great event for everyone in the game community.”

So I take it we won’t be seeing this even next year then?

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: August 28, 2008

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