E3 2011 Live Coverage : Street Fighter X Tekken

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I love fighting games, practically grew up on them. In my old age though my skills have dulled, so that my once sharp katana repertoire of fighting game skills now more resemble a particularly unsharp spoon. Nowhere has this been more sufficiently demonstrated than my hands-on time with Capcom’s side of the crossover deal, Street Fighter X Tekken.

Built on the DIMPS’ Street Fighter IV engine, Street Fighter X Tekken brings brings characters from both universes together – but with this being Capcom’s crossover, has a more Street fighter influenced mechanic and playstyle. Don’t for a second think that it means this game is nothing more than Street fighter Iv with a different cast of characters though; it plays significantly differently. for starters, it’s now a tag-team based game, where you select 2 characters instead of one – and the focus attacks so integral to SFIV have been removed completely. Instead, pressing both middle attacks tags in your other character – something Tekken fans should be intimate with – allowing you to continue attacking with a dizzying flurry of combos. It’s a very combo heavy game, so those of you who love dishing out the sort of combos that get mere humans fingers tied together in knots, this one’s for you.

Me? I loved it – but I got my ass, and my wounded pride, handed to me on a platter.

Last Updated: June 9, 2011

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