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E3 2012: Ubisoft press conference round-up

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Ubisoft has taken over a LA movie theatre for their press conference, wherein they debuted new footage from games such as Far Cry 3, Rayman Legends and Assassin’s Creed 3, as well as a surprise or two up their sleeves.

We’re treated to an energetic performance from Flo Rida, for Just Dance 4, as scantily clad dancers use the dance floor to full effect, for a fun and rousing musical intro, before co-host Ayisha Taylor takes over. She kicks the show off with some heartfelt enthusiasm, before being interrupted by an “Internet famous” co-host, with the action then shifting to Far Cry 3.

What more can we say about Far Cry 3? It looks stunning, plays like a souped up Ferrari and has enough madness under the hood, to make the Joker appear sane in comparison.

(Video may be NSFW)

From there, we shift to some Splinter Cell Blacklist action, as Sam Fisher kicks ass and takes name, all without anyone knowing. Blacklist looks pretty impressive so far, building on the story and features of Conviction, as we see Fisher recruit allies for a new mysterious threat.

It plays much like Conviction so far, but with visuals that look as if the game was lifted from the recent release of Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

From black ops to spank ops then, as Rayman Legends takes the stage. As Senior Game Manager Mike Micholic takes us through a level of the quirky platformer. Rayman looks great so far, moving smoothly and exploring with his chums, and the idea of using the Wii U control pad to add a level of playable action to companions feels fantastic.

It’s pretty standard platforming fare, until Micholic hits a section of the stage that combines the slap-happy gameplay with a musical rhythm section, capturing our hearts with some beautiful riffs in the process.

A quick cinematic for The Avengers: Battle for Earth, with super-heroes trading dance partners, and we’re back on track for a brand new Wii U reveal, featuring the undead.

The Queen may have celebrated her 60th year on the throne recently, but she’s going to need a little more than some Commonwealth good wishes to survive the Wii U exclusive zombie game, ZombiU.

While we only got to see a cinematic for the game, it was pretty breath-taking, as it used slow motion action and gore, with a rousing rendition of the British national anthem, to set the scene. Gawd save the queen guv’nah!

And then finally, we’re treated to the first official Assassin’s Creed 3 gameplay footage. It’s been in development for several years now, and its clear that Ubisoft has not wasted the time spent on it.

Our protagonist, Connor, moves like a hot knife through Redcoat butter, slashing, shooting and leaping through enemies, in a gameplay design that is less standing around and waiting to be attacked, as it uses a more thorough take charge approach to combat.

Ubisoft then tells us how Assassin’s Creed 3 will take place over thirty years, before, during and after the American Revolution, as Connor goes after the Templars.

Shootmania is also making an appearance this year, as developer Nadeo has taken the core ideas behind the popular build ‘em and race ‘em Trackmania games, and transferred that into a fast-paced shooting game.

And by fast, we mean ludicrously fast, as the match that was set up between rival teams was over in seconds. It looks intriguing so far, and it might just have a decent place in tournaments, in the future.

But Ubisoft has most certainly saved the best for last, as we then get to take a peek at Watch Dogs. It’s GTA, Information Warfare and high stakes situations, all wrapped up in one magnificent package, stealing the show with ease.

And with that, we’re done for the night.

Last Updated: June 5, 2012

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