E3 2013: Body-on with Kinect 2.0

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It wasn’t just dudes with guns and new console controllers at E3, ya know! There was plenty of tech on offer, including the new tech of the Kinect 2.0. Now, I’ll admit, most folks just don’t want that piece of Xbox One tech. But for those demographics that do? They’re going to be real happy.

Lets face facts: The current Kinect needs a lot of work. But the Kinect 2.0? It’s the Kinect that the current arm-waggler was supposed to be. Goings full body-on with the device in a game of Fantasia, it’s clear that this new version works properly at least.

Your whole body is seen properly this time, and when you interact with an object, by golly, it responds back. Take for instance a game like Fantasia. While it required grand arm gestures for the actual gameplay, it also had sections wherein more subtle gestures were needed, such as smaller movements in order to create unique guitar tracks.

Wiggling my fingers to create that gameplay? It freakin’ works! And all this, in a smaller space at E3, a venue which was already filled to bursting. Combined with the other Kinect features that Microsoft showed me on the last day, and the improvements are clear to see with the Kinect.

While most of you would still prefer the Xbox One to ship cheaper without the Kinect, or are worried about it Big Brothering you with surveillance, I will admit that Microsoft is shipping the console with an add-on that works beautifully.

Now if they could just start learning to communicate with their audiences better, then they could really sell them on the new Kinect. I like it, and this is coming from a guy who was once forced to play Kung Fu Panda: The Game, on the damn original chunk of plastic.

Last Updated: June 18, 2013

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